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Hello, my dear reader, my name is Jacob Makofane. I am the Founder & CEO of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd. A Fintech company that specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning Software, commonly called ERP software for short. This post is about FootPound ERP which is our flagship ERP software.

Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd was formally registered in 2015 while FootPound ERP launched in 2019. The lessons learned in the 5-year gap is what we will be talking about today.

In the gap years, we did ad hoc websites for clients in different industries and all those lessons learned servicing these clients went into building FootPound ERP.

We built a Spa & Beauty Saloon website for one of our clients and while the client enjoyed using the website she asked if the website can be used to generate payslips for her employees because she found it time-consuming to editing, every month, an excel template in order to generate payslips for her 18 employees. The website did not have the functionality to generate payslips. Lesson Learned: FootPound ERP has a Payroll module.

Another client who runs a catering business asks us if the website we created for his business can be used to schedule, track, and report on events he will be catering to. He needed the website to manage his drivers and equipment to ensure that the equipment arrives on time at the venue of the event he was catering to. His website did not have such functionality. Lesson Learned: FootPound ERP has a DeliveryWayBill module.

Lesson Learned: FootPound ERP has a MyLeave module to manage the leave applications of employees. A client wanted to know if the website we created for her business can be used to track the amount of leave that her employees were taking. The website, unfortunately, did not have such functionality.

Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd is the first client of FootPound ERP. We use FootPound ERP in our back office and operations because we believe in the product. We are using it ourselves. Because FootPound ERP passed a critical and objective question: If I were the customer would I pay money for this product/service?

And the answer from us in terms of FootPound ERP was an absolute Yes. We would absolutely pay money to use it and we have been using it ever since the launch. If you, dear reader, were to become a client of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd the invoices and statements we will send you will be branded FootPound ERP. The Logo, letterhead, and corporate identity will be that of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd but the invoice and statements will all be generated from inside FootPound ERP.

We offer a 120Days risk-free trial for you to assess the suitability of using FootPound ERP in your business. We can also arrange a personalized demo of FootPound ERP to guide you through the process of gaining maximum value out of FootPound ERP.

FootPound ERP comes bundled with 2 Value-Add-Services that are completely free with your FootPound ERP subscription:

  1. FootPound Learning
  2. FootPound EDocx

FootPound Learning is the Video Tutorial and HowTo articles platform that ensures that your employees make full use of FootPound ERP by gaining the usage mastery of the system to drive up their productivity. Each FootPound ERP module has multiple video course tutorials and instructional HowTo articles covering every aspect of that module.

FootPound EDocx is a Corporate Identity Management service that ensures that all the SalesInvoices, Statements, and Payslips reflect your own corporate identity to ensure consistency across all your business departments when interacting with your own clients and customers.

You got nothing to lose. Give us a try.
I thank you and I am looking forward to engaging with you further.

Jacob Makofane

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CEO and Founder of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd. Jacob is an avid reader of both business and historical politcal books. In his spare time he enjoy plays golf and going the picnic with his family for a relaxing afternoon of fresh air and braai meat.