What Is Foot Pound

Recently we had a few prospective clients asking us what is Foot Pound. This blog explains what is the scientific Foot Pound and what is FootPound ERP.
Wikipedia says that Foot Pound "Is the energy transferred upon applying a force of one pound-force (lbf) through a linear displacement of one foot."

Foot Pound (ft-lb) is a unit of measure that measures the amount of energy needed to move a 1 Pound (lb) object a distance of 1 Foot (ft).

We can therefore represent the formula as below:
e = ft x lb

Pound To Gram Conversion
Since this is South Africa, and we are using the Metric Measuring System, we have to translate the Foot Pound equation into centimeters and grams.

FootPoud ERP - Pound To Gram Conversion

Foot To Centimer Conversion
And the conversion of Foot(lb) to Centimeters(cm)

FootPound ERP - Foot To Centimer Conversion

Metric Calculation
energy (joule) = foot x pound
joule = 1 foot x 1 pound
joule = 1 joule

energy (joule) = centimeter x grams
joule = 30.48 cm x 453.59 grams
joule = 13977.82 joules

But What is Foot Pound ERP?
FootPound ERP is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). FootPound ERP provides businesses with an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, and mission-critical IT system.

FootPound ERP is a modern, modular based Enterprise Resource Planning software that is available in 4 different packages. The packages are:

Each FootPound package has at least 1 tenant that will have its own dedicated sources such a RAM, Cloud Storage and Processing, and Hard Drive space. Some of the other packages will have many more tenants.