Introducing #WhiteShirtMonday

Hi everyone, welcome to the launch blog post of #WhatShirtMonday. #WhiteShirtMonday is a platform for discussion and critical evaluation of the Information Technology and entrepreneurial topics. Feel free to comment on our social media platforms with the hashtag #WhiteShirtMonday. You can also share our videos with your friends who you think will find the content beneficial.

In this channel we will be discussing:

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I am Jacob S. Makofane. Founder and CEO of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd. We specialize in FinTech services with FootPound ERP being our flagship service. We make new #WhiteShirtMonday posts every Monday. Catch us next week.

Jacob Makofane

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CEO and Founder of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd. Jacob is an avid reader of both business and historical politcal books. In his spare time he enjoy plays golf and going the picnic with his family for a relaxing afternoon of fresh air and braai meat.